Art 1


Art 1 is a basic course in drawing and painting fundamentals.  Emerging artists will learn the skills of observational drawing, value rendering, shading, blending, creating depth, perspective and the illusion of space.  Students will learn about design, composition and achieving a sense of unity in a work of art.  Students may enter this class knowing very little about art, and will leave the year not only with a breadth of 8-10 works, but with a deeper appreciation and understanding of the artistic process.

The Elements of Art are taught through a variety of engaging projects, which exploring new media such as graphite, ink, charcoal, pastels, colored pencils, watercolor and tempera paint.  Students will be exposed to art history, theory, and criticism throughout their units of study. By examining art history, students will practice and hone their critical thinking skills. These important skills will help students see the ever-evolving 21st century world with enhanced vision and perception. Any student wishing to strengthen their artistic skills and knowledge will find this course invaluable.


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