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Alumni 2015Where Are They Now?

Many of our DVHS Art Alumni have gone on to study Art in college.  Our first graduating class is just entering the job market… Check out where they are, and read their testimonials! Always pART of the Family!

Nishka Maheshwary, DVHS Class of 2014.  NYU Architecture and Urban Design
“The DVHS Art program really helped to strengthen my technical foundations while pushing me to challenge my creativity and experiment with a variety of mediums.  When I walked into college, I had a good sense of what form of art I wanted to pursue.” 

Cynthia Chou,  DVHS Class of 2014, University of California Santa Barbara. Double Majoring in Music-emphasis in Western Art Music, and in Art (Bachelor of Arts); Minor in Education
“In DVHS, I took Art 1, Advanced Art 5, AP Art, and AP Art History. Those classes made my high school years really joyful. It was a place where I didn’t have to be afraid of being myself, expressing my thoughts and creativity without anyone judging me. Although I knew Art wasn’t going to be my Major (well, now the plan has changed), my teachers still encouraged and challenged me to be an artist, to think outside the box, to understand what art truly means.   DVHS Art program is a fantastic with many opportunities program that shapes an artist to have broad minds of the world of art but also be able to specialize the style of art that individuals are passionate about. We also have amazing staff members that are supportive, loving, understanding, and are always there for the students.” 

Youjin Jang,  DVHS Class of 2014, Maryland Institute College of Arts. Graphic Design
“The DVHS Art Program is more than just another part of the educational system but it’s a community and an environment which allowed me to take my first steps in my journey of visual thinking and creating. As cliché as it might sound, this safe haven for artistic freedom is home and family for many brilliant minds in Dougherty Valley students, myself included. Being part of this program strengthened not only the technical abilities I require to make art, but also the drive and passion an artist needs to endure throughout my education and into the real world. I’m very proud to have been a part of this program! DVHS represent!”

Priscilla Cha, DVHS Class of 2013,  School of the Art Institute of Chicago.  Fine Art with an emphasis in Art Education
“The DVHS Art Program not only taught me a plethora of art mediums but also showed me what a community looked like. If you’re looking for a way to perfect your skills in art while having a good time, this program is the most open community in DVHS. Planning to go into art education in my future, Mrs. Wengel as a teacher, showed me how caring a teacher could be. I could tell that she genuinely loved her job and her passion for teaching. I also had a great opportunity to be a teacher aide for her class where I helped out with the special education students. Spending three years in the Art Program not only inspired me to teach art in the future but also showed me the importance of art.”

Monica Chenglo, DVHS Class of 2010, UCSC Graduate. Current Graduate Student at San Jose State University
“I’m currently in my first year of graduate school pursuing a Masters in Education with a concentration in Speech Language Pathology—
I received my bachelors with a degree in Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology at the University of California, Santa Cruz.  Your career will constantly reinvent itself. I found ways to incorporate my artistic interests and values when I was pursuing my degree in Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology. Passion is an innate drive that should motivate you to be challenged. This generation is big on choices—don’t let that overwhelm you. Keep in touch with your teachers, keep your doodles and sketches, and keep your interests alive! Seek for transformation and progress to build your character—not your status. Illustrator of Children’s Book,  The Surfer & The Seal” 

Joo Hee Kim, DVHS Class of 2015, Carnegie Mellon University.  Design
“ The DVHS Art Program not only helped me learn and explore different ways of art and mediums but also helped me experience a kind of community I’ve never been in before. The DVHS art family helped develop creativity as a team rather than competition. The Art teachers certainly love their jobs and her students. The three years of DVHS Art were honestly the best moments of my life. Proud to say I’m pART of the family!!”

Melissa Lu, DVHS Class of 2015, Carnegie Mellon University. Business
“The three years I spent in the DVHS art program were some of the most memorable parts of my high school career. I met an incredible community of artists, each with an individual and distinct style and great love for art. DVHS art contributed a lot to my journey as an artist- I was able to discover my passion for art, I faced and overcame many challenges, and I was able to explore various styles and concepts. I took risks and tried things I had never done before, and I could see the improvement in my artistic abilities each year. I’ve gained a lot from my time in the art program, and I am extremely glad and grateful to have been a part of the DVHS art community.”

Emily Clark, DVHS class of 2013, Mount Royal University. Interior Design
“I have always had a passion for art, but the art program at DVHS really helped me grow and strengthen my skills in a loving and supportive environment.”

Helen Ho, DVHS Class of 2015. Massachusetts Institute of Technology Computer Science
“The two years I was a part of the DVHS Art Program are definitely years I won’t forget. Being a pART of a community that was so supportive and inspirational helped me grow in many ways, whether it was experimenting with different styles and developing my own or just getting to know a lot of really, really cool people.”

Nayoung Heo, DVHS Class of 2014,  School of the Art Institute of Chicago.  BFA with an emphasis in Designed Objects
“The DVHS Art Program is truly outstanding in its ability to help budding artists explore various forms of art and help realize their full potential. I was part of the program for 3 years, and I’m proud to say that it’s been one of the most rewarding highlights of my high school years. Everything that I have learned proved to be helpful beyond high school and entering into the college environment. We learned technical skills while holding onto our individual styles. We learned to look towards our peers for inspiration, whether it be through constructive critique of work or simply working together in an open and welcoming environment. All of the staff in the art department have a genuine passion to spread their love of art and I couldn’t be more thankful that I’ve had such amazing teachers to guide me through my learning process. DVHS Art will forever be family and in my heart.”

Alberta Wang, DVHS Class of 2015, Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). Illustration
“While attending DVHS, I had decided to take Art 2 and join the department my sophomore year. Since then, I’ve been a proud member of the DVHS Art family. The DVHS art program has not only broadened my horizons, but also pushed and inspired me to pursue art on a whole new level. In just three years, I’ve gone from learning the basics of watercolor to cranking out late-night concentration pieces for AP Studio Art. The Art Department is not only filled with amazing staff members who constantly encourage and inspire, but also students who are eager to learn and motivate one another. Thanks to my art family, I am now pursing what I love the most at RISD.”

Emily Jackson, DVHS Class of 2016, Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM, SF), BA Fashion Merchandising

Caitlin Taddei, DVHS Class of 2016, College of the Canyons, Cal Arts, BA Character Animation

Annabelle Gao, DVHS Class of 2016, Rhode Island School of Design (RISD)

Julia Chai, DVHS Class of 2016, Cal Arts, BA Visual Arts/Sculpture

Kaylin Park, DVHS Class of 2016, UCLA, BA Design Media Arts

Ashley Ilao, DVHS Class of 2016, CSUEB BA Graphic Design

Rachel Kim, DVHS Class of 2016, BA Graphic Design

John Abregana, Class of 2016, BA Art

Amber Qi, DVHS Class of 2015, Art Institute of Chicago, BA Drawing Painting

Nathan Cruz, DVHS Class of 2010,  Boston University College of Communication.  Bachelor of Science degree in Advertising and a Concentration in Art History, Minor in Visual Arts

Angy Gao, DVHS Class of 2014. Art Center College of Design. Illustration | Design track

Mengru Liang, DVHS Class of 2010. Parsons, BFA Fashion Design Mengru’s Website

Doris Liou, DVHS Class of 2014. RISD Illustration

Kimberly Wu, DVHS Class of 2013 UCLA, Fine Arts

Selena Joe, DVHS Class of 2015  Ringling College of Art and Design. Computer Animation

Helen Chai, Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising – San Francisco: Merchandise Marketing major

Alice Hu, USC School of Cinematic Arts: BA in Animation & Digital Arts. Also working on a minor in Folklore and Popular Culture

Lijia Wang, Emory University: Double major in Art and Psychology

Olivia Wong, Parsons The New School for Design: BFA in Fashion Design

Athena Alar, Academy of Art University – San Francisco: BA in Animation & Visual Effects

Julia Ku, California Institute of the Arts: BFA in Character Animation

Alex Kim, Otis College of Art and Design: BFA Conceptual Design

Amanda Feldman, Cornish College of the Arts: BFA Illustration

Jade Marucut, The Art Institute of California – San Francisco: BS Graphic and Web Design

Ho Jae Lee, Art Center College of Design

Doris Liou, Rhode Island School of Design

Stephanie Kim, Art Institute of Chicago

Jay Kym, Art Institute of Chicago

Yaezi Lee, Rhode Island School of Design


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